Say no more to the bad key situation. Find out the top key organizers from one of the leading brands, KeySmart. 

You can avoid the hassle of carrying an endless number of keys by using a key organizer. Having a key organizer makes it quicker to look for the key you need. Additionally, you no longer have to put up with discomfort since key organizers make it easier to carry around keys.

KeySmart Compact

The most popular key organizer brand today is KeySmart. It is a global brand of key organizers with a promise the provide convenience and comfort for daily travels through their unique products. Since 2013, KeySmart has already launched three versions of key organizers; the KeySmart Compact, KeySmart Pro, and Key Smart Ragged. To find out more about these key organizers and their differences, check it out below and visit this site.

KeySmart Compact and Features 

The KeySmart Compact is the first key organizer product line that the company launched in 2013. It is the company’s simple solution to common daily problems such as carrying keys. As its name suggests, this key organizer features a compact design and comfortable to carry.

This tool can hold up to eight keys. Thus, you can carry the most important keys in your home without cramming them in your pockets or bag. Since it can hold eight keys, it’ll be easier for you to look for the exact key you need.

No doubt, you find it annoying when the keys jingle as you move.

The KeySmart Compact has an answer to this problem. This key organizer eliminates key jingle allowing you to move comfortably. Also, it saves pocket space, and you won’t have to endure your legs getting poked.

Aside from carrying keys, this tool allows you to add awesome tools, such as a bottle opener, multi-tools, and a penknife.

KeySmart Pro and Features

If the KeySmart Compact model can hold 8 keys at once, the Pro version can carry up to 14 keys!

Currently, KeySmart Pro has two models, the KeySmart Pro with Tile and KeySmart Pro Mossy Oak. Both can organize a total of 14 keys and features a smart program. These key organizers can keep track of your keys and phone. If your phone is lost, all you have to do is ring it using this key organizer. The intelligent location tracking is also helpful in searching for missing key rings. Also, both of these models are rechargeable.

KeySmart Pro with Tile and KeySmart Pro Mossy Oak differs in design and price. The latter is more expensive but has impressive aesthetics.

KeySmart Rugged and Features 

If you are searching for a durable key holder, you won’t regret choosing KeySmart Rugged.

This key organizer is the toughest out of the three. Likewise, it is second to the most affordable option, next to the KeySmart Compact.

The KeySmart Rugged is an expandable key organizer. It comes with an extra set of screws so you can fit 14 keys. It even has a loop piece wherein you can attach your car key.

This model is the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers. The tool features a built-in pocket clip and bottle opener. Moreover, it saves pocket space so you can carry more stuff.


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