Make Him Shed More Than Hair!

dog-playingOwning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of the biggest responsibilities it comes with is making sure he’s healthy. Too many dog owners become complacent with their dog’s poor health and don’t do anything about it. This leads to a bad relationship between owner and dog, and eventually leads to a shortened life. Dogs have the potential to hold one of the strongest bonds you have ever felt, so make sure you can experience that for as long as possible. By keeping your dog healthy you’re not only keeping your dog alive for longer, but you’re also making him feel much better.

One of the biggest symptoms of being unhealthy is excessive weight. An obese dog can then have increased risk for a load of other bad thing such as diabetes, joint, bone, and ligament pain, heart disease, high blood pressure, breathing problems, low energy, liver failure, and more. None of these are very comfortable to live with, but I guarantee you if your dog is obese and overweight then the chances of eventually developing one of these symptoms is very high.

While the biggest key to shedding those extra pounds lies in exercise, there is an equally important aspect to losing weight that most dog owners fail to seek out; I’m talking about the dog’s diet. Sure, you can take your dog to the park, run him around until he’s too tired, and bring him home only to feed him an excessive amount of malnourished food. The key lies in expanding your arsenal of food and going out and getting things the dog needs – fruits for instance.

Bringing fruit into your dog’s life can really turn the tables on his battle with health and give him the edge he needs to become healthy again. Some of my personal favorites to give my dog is strawberries. Strawberries give him a load of vitamins and even better yet, he loves them. However, when feeding your dog fruit you really need to watch out what you give him. There are some fruits out there that can be very poisonous to your dog; one of these poisonous fruits is grapes. Grapes lead directly to kidney failure and is a very bad deal.


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