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Entertainment is the term we give for something that gives us enjoyment or amusement. We find TV shows entertaining. We watch movies in theaters to entertain us. We listen to music, we watch video clips, we read books, we listen to gossips, we attend concerts, we go to carnivals- all these activities bring an immense amount of joy to our hearts. All these activities entertain us.

At home, there could be a lot of sources of entertainment. It could come from our fellow family members cracking some jokes or doing some silly dance moves. It could come from our pets doing some stunts. It could come from toy collections, and it could come from a TV set. When it comes to the term entertainment showcase, more often than not, we think of thousands of dollars as an expense. We think that buying the largest flat-screen high-definition TV that could fit in our entertainment room will cost us a lot of fortune.

We think that buying the best audio surround system will cost us our kidneys. But this should not be the case. Although it is true that the best one there is in the market could really cost a more than a thousand dollars for the TV set alone, there are also cheaper alternatives. The costly ones are the expensive brands. Evidently, the cheaper ones are the not-so-expensive brands. But this does not necessarily mean that when a brand is not very expensive, the quality would also be less superior. There are some brands that though they are not pricey but could deliver equal entertainment quality. The reason behind this could be summarized in the following:

  1. When the supply increases, the price decreases.

This is one of the most basic laws on demand and supply. Since there are quite a number of manufacturers in the market, the number of supply increases. When buyers have a lot of selection to choose from, the high-pricing brands have no other recourse but to lower their price in order to compete with their opponents’ price. Companies lower their price offering not mainly because they have inferior quality products but because they want to supply the consumers of the market who do not have an abundant supply of cash.

  1. Source of materials and labor supply varies.

Some countries sell raw materials more expensive than the others. Some hire laborers across the globe with lower pay rate for a lower cost of production. Some countries charge a lot of taxes. Because of these factors involved in manufacturing, production, and distribution, price varies. Some could be cheaper than the others.

  1. You’re just buying the name.

It is an undisputed reality that companies who have already established their names in the industry are offering their products a little bit higher than the new entrants in the market. Some buyers opt for the more popular brand for a lot of reasons. But if you’re not after the name but the quality, then this Monoprice 10565 review is worthy of your time to consider.


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