serious-kayakingI have a weight problem that I have now had for more than three years. My problem seems to have started after I started working. Before I got employed, and started spending most of my time in the office, I never had a problem with my weight and I actually thought that I could never gain excessive weight. I even despised people who got fat thinking that they were too lazy or too gluttonous to watch their weight.

My lifestyle after employment changed drastically. Whereas before I was always active, my lifestyle became a complete contrast. The only form of exercise that I did in a normal day was walk a few paces around the office, walk to my car, and walking from my car to and from my house. The rest of the time I was mostly sited.

I am a software developer and I love my job very much. Working as a software developer is all that I ever wanted and all that I would ever want. The company that I work for is one of the companies that were high in my wish list after college. The salary is good and the work environment with the guys at the office is excellent. I cannot complain about anything; but unfortunately, this very same things that I love are working against me in terms of my weight.

Since I love my job a lot, I rarely have time for social life after work in the evenings or during the weekends. As a result, I am not able to engage in physical exercises like I used to before I got employed.

Before employment, I loved engaging in different kinds of physical fun activities including playing basketball, swimming, biking, hiking and kayaking. I especially loved kayaking on weekends when I could join some of my friends and we would go deep sea touring. This was a great activity that was very good in helping me keep fit.

Since I had to move from my home town, all these things stopped. This is also because I do not have many friends in my new town and I haven’t taken time to make new friends.

I recently discovered a resort a few minutes’ drive from town where kayaking enthusiasts can enjoy kayaking at an adjacent lake. The very next weekend after I discovered the resort I drove down and spent the whole day kayaking on one of the inflatable kayaks that was provided.

By the end of the day I felt quite good due the workout. This is despite the pains all over my body – I actually appreciated the pains since they were a sure indication that I had engaged in some effective work out.

I intent to continue this trend and hopefully I can be able to lose some weight. I intend to buy my own inflatable kayak which I can be using at the resort. This will help me cut the costs of having to hire a kayak every time I visit the resort.




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