On Buying a French Press for the Home


There’s no denying the ubiquity of coffee in the modern world and how the contemporary workforce is essentially dependent on it to jumpstart their day. It’s that switch that everyone is looking for to double their productivity. And it’s not just a morning thing but also a welcome beverage during breaks, sort of like a recharge mentally and physically in equal measure. However, it’s not just in the office that drinking coffee is a staple. In fact, a lot of coffee lovers prefer to drink their own brew at home while having their breakfast. It makes more sense than taking the first sip of coffee in the workplace, though either would be fine nonetheless.


One of the best ways to enjoy coffee at home is to buy a French press or a coffee machine. Choosing between the two is more on personal preference, but for those who want their coffee in its purest essence are better off buying themselves a French press. Drip machines are without a doubt more convenient, but putting in the very least bit of effort into making excellent coffee is a non-issue. It doesn’t take a competitive lifter to operate the nifty French press at all.


A notable advantage of French press over drip machines, aside from coffee actually coming out better – is that it provides portability when needed. Made more coffee than necessary for the early morning shot? No problem, just take the French press along to work. And you can’t do that with an automatic drip machine for sure. Not even the smallest ones.


The caveat in using French press ironically lies in its strength as well. Sure, better quality of coffee can be achieved, but it takes comparatively more work and attention compared to pressing a button on the coffee machine. Fortunately, with the help of the Internet as a huge repository of information, anyone can learn different techniques for hand grinding for a french press tips & advice on how to apply the right amount of pressure, in addition to some nuances like weighing coffee and water to achieve near-perfect ratio. Though this ratio is subjective and depends on personal preferences. The perfect ratio is one that the French press owner prefers, yet it will probably be hit and miss for the first few tries.


Buying a French press can seem daunting for anyone who may have absolutely no idea how to choose one. But all it really takes is a few minutes of reading through reviews. Even if buying from a local, physical store, reviews for specific models of French press are likely to exist and will help a lot in providing insights. On the off chance that a certain model and manufacturer of French press has no reviews – probably because it is artisanal – then it’s up to the buyer to decide on the matter. Besides, it’s not really that big of a risk since French presses aren’t that complicated, to begin with. Also, if one is unfortunate enough to buy an unsatisfactory model, it can be chalked up to experience as a coffee aficionado.


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