Online Nursing Schools: Putting a Career within Your Reach

Online schools have made it much easier for students to obtain their nursing degrees. Many of the classes that are required to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Biology can be taken in an online format. Nursing school can be stressful but the good news is online classes make it easier to get your degree and allow you to work around your own schedule. If you want to become a nurse practitioner, there are ways you can do that both online and in-person.

How to become a nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are a type of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) whose specialized education and clinical training allow them to provide higher levels of care and perform a variety of tasks that RNs are not licensed to do. Nurse practitioners often focus on specific areas or populations, including pediatrics, geriatrics, mental health or adult medicine. They may complete an advanced degree program that allows them to practice independently and take on roles similar to that of a doctor.

The first step to a career as a nurse practitioner is earning your credentials as a registered nurse (RN). There are a number of academic paths to reach this particular goal — specifically, an associate or bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education, or a diploma from an approved vocational training program. (Prospective nurses should note that these diploma programs have become less popular due to the fact that many employers in the healthcare sector now require clinician employees to have a college degree). Some educational trajectories combine the steps of becoming an RN and earning a bachelor’s degree, and some programs offer accelerated tracks for those with previous non-nursing bachelor’s degrees. Students may choose to first become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) on the road to becoming an RN. For both the LPN and the RN credentials, graduates of nursing programs must pass a standardized national examination and also obtain a state license.

There are a number of nursing schools available online. Fortis College, Miller-Motte College, and Chamberlain Online, all over online courses to help you become a registered nurse. All you have to do is inquire with the school you wish to attend to receive more information about their opportunities in nursing education programs. Whatever it is you decide to do for a living you should always make the decision after doing a lot of research on the subject. Nursing can be a great field to get into but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to pull through. Contact the school of your choice to find out more information on how you can begin your journey as a nurse.

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