A fire pit is a great addition to a home outdoor space but choosing the right fire pit is not an easy task, especially when safety is one of your top priorities. If you are currently considering setting up an outdoor fire pit or planning to purchase one of those moveable ones but can’t decide which one to choose, here are a few useful tips on choosing the best fire pit for your outdoor space.


Tip #1: Consider the size of the place you want to set up the fire pit

Where are you planning to set up the fire pit? Is it at your backyard or your front porch or your patio deck? When choosing the right fire pit, you have to consider the area you are planning to set it up.

Is the place big enough for a bigger type of fire pit? What type or shape of the fire pit will fit your outdoor space? If you are planning to set up a fire pit at a narrow place at home, rectangular types of fire pit are the best choice. However, for average-sized places, an average-sized square-shaped or round-shaped fire pits suits best. If you have limited space at the backyard or patio deck but you want to experience fire pit at home, there are affordable and movable types of the fire pit that you can choose from.

Tip #2: Know the different types of fire pits

There are several types of fire pits that you can choose from; however, before you randomly choose one, you should know the different types of it. Fire pits have numerous alterations but they are grouped into four major categories – wood burning fire pit, gel fuel, propane, and natural gas fire pits.

  • Wood burning fire pits

These are similar to campfire but are ideal for contained or small spaces. Wood burning fire pits may include:

  • Stone brick fire pits
  • Wood burning grill
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Gel fuel fire pits

These fire pits are portable, versatile, and provides quality flames. Most of the gel fuel fire pits are metal-made; these may include:

  • Tabletop fireplace
  • Gel fueled logs
  • Propane fuel fire pits

Propane fuel fire pits are elegantly designed fire pits. Most of these are designed to provide alluring flames and ideal for large outdoor spaces, but you can also choose to set up a fire pit like this at an average-spaced space. Propane fuel fire pits may be designed with glass, faux wood, and or rock pebbles. These include:

    • Copper bowl fire pit
    • Propane portable fire pit
    • Firepit table
  • Natural gas fire pits

These fire pits are designed to operate with fuel from the natural gas line. Natural gas fire pits have two major designs:

  • Sunken Design
  • Table Top, Round, and or Square Designed fire pits

Choosing the right fire pit for your outdoor space also depends on how safe is the fire pit you are planning to set up. Can your outdoor space accommodate the natural gas type of fire pit? Or you can set up a propane fuel type of fire pit? Is it safe to use a wood-burning type of fire pit? If you want to know more about these, try to visit this reliable website www.everymanscave.com

Tip #3: Know your budget

Finally, you should consider your budget when choosing what type of fire pit is the best for your outdoor space.


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