The Polywood trend has been going on for the past years. And the furniture industry has been hyping it more today, but should you join this rave? Is it worth your money? Find out below. 

Adding a wooden outdoor chair to your patio area or garden will increase the functionality of the space as well as boost its aesthetics. Imagine sitting on a comfortable wooden chair in your garden while admiring your surroundings and bonding with your family. The garden that you never imagined to be your sanctuary might be the thing you need.


Unfortunately, wooden furniture is expensive and requires extensive care. Though wood has a long life span, wood has no tolerance for changing weather conditions. You have to recoat it from time to time, as well as apply oil to reduce the risk of sunlight and water damages. You need to give it proper attention if you don’t want your investment to go down the drain.

The wood’s vulnerability to water and sunlight damage is a concern among many furniture manufacturers for many years. Now, Polywood changed the game.

What is Polywood? 

Polywood is a creation of Poly-Wood Inc. Polywood is engineered from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), a material commonly used to manufacture laundry detergent containers, milk jugs, bottle caps, and other recyclable plastic materials. Consequently, the material comes from recycled plastics made to look like wood.

At first glance, Polywood can be mistaken for an authentic wood but is not. Because of its wood-like appearance, it became a popular material for outdoor furniture manufacturers. Since it is generally made of plastic, it can withstand changing weather conditions. It is resistant to moisture, humidity, sunlight, and even insect attacks. Moreover, Polywood lumber is infused with a UV-inhibited pigment system. This technology helps maintain the material’s color and quality.

Is it Worth the Hype? 

Many are still hesitant to use outdoor furniture from Polywood because it is manufactured using plastics. Indeed, plastic is not the toughest material out there. However, Poly-Wood Inc. engineered Polywood with this concern in mind.

Polywood lumber is more robust than ordinary plastics. It is resistant to impact and damage caused by weather elements. It can endure anything nature throws on it, unlike the pure wood that is vulnerable to damages.

Polywood is also lightweight. Since it is lighter compared to authentic wooden furniture, moving Polywood furniture is a lot easier. Likewise, they are easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. In a nutshell, it is portable, convenient, and offers easy storage.

Several Polywood furnitures come in various designs and styles. You’ll notice that most furniture with this material has brighter and bolder colors. If you want your patio area or garden to look stunning and stylish, you’ll never regret choosing this type of outdoor furniture. As an example, you can check out Adirondack vs. Muskoka chair here. These are two well-known brands of outdoor furniture that utilizes the said material on their products.

Polywood is also less expensive than genuine wooden furniture. They are perfect for buyers who are searching for budget-friendly options without compromising the aesthetic value and quality of the furniture. Although it is not authentic wooden furniture, Polywood outdoor furniture is indeed worth your money.



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