Shaking: It’s A Dog Thing

67278_990x742-cb1368208051For all of you dog lovers out there, it is important to keep your dog healthy no matter what the cost. I am sure you understand what I am talking about. If you notice something that might be out of the ordinary you usually go into panic mode right away. Sometimes it is a bad thing and sometimes it is something silly and meaningless, but it still makes you worry. No matter if your dog shakes or eats his own feces, all of us dog owners can relate. It may seem weird to you, but there is a reason for everything that they do.

Have you ever witnessed your dog shake or shiver in an uncontrollable manor?  You are probably wondering why this is happening and want immediate answers. This can happen for a number of reasons some more serious than others there are a few different reasons why they may do this. If your dog is only shaking during thunderstorms or when something startles them, they are probably just anxious or afraid and you shouldn’t worry too much about this.

But sometimes dogs will shake because they have a fever or they are nauseous. They may also shake when they get excited like when you get home from work or you’re getting ready to walk them. However, if your dog is shaking along with other symptoms such as drooling, disorientation, and depression, it is possible that your dog may have eaten something poisonous such as chocolate. If you for any reason think your dog may have consumed something poisonous, make sure you take them to the veterinarian right away.

Ok, things such as shaking are fairly normal unless there is an illness but you may catch your dog doing something you simply can’t comprehend. You may catch your dog eating his own poop. Now why on earth would a dog eat his own poop? It is actually very normal for your dog to eat his own feces. Many animals, including dogs, eat their own poop in order to regain nutrients that they may have lost when they actually consumed the food. Another reason might be because they were trained at one point to clean up after themselves.

If you notice that your dog is doing this often, you should probably consult your veterinarian just to rule out any particular medical issue that may be causing it. There are times when dogs who are malnourished will eat their own feces because they are typically starving. Usually dogs who are homeless or live in shelters do this more often than typical dogs.

You are right to be worried about your pet. That is what makes you a great pet owner. Just watch for other symptoms before you start assuming the worst.


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