Teaching Chicago Bringing Back The Education To Illinois

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Becoming a teacher in Illinois can have its benefits and its difficulties, just like teaching jobs everywhere. Those that have committed their lives to teaching are certainly a group of people that can never be fully repaid for their efforts.

When choosing to be a teacher, it is important to be reminded that the world would never be the same without this contribution.

Career Outlook:

Becoming a teacher is an important career that incredible individuals can pursue. With the demands of the classroom and challenges of teaching a diverse group of students, a person should be truly passionate about the profession before pursuing this career.

Having the ability to shape minds and instill the love of learning into others is an amazing feeling. When in the midst of preparing for a career in teaching, it is best to keep in mind that there are challenges as well as benefits to this line of work.


Teachers in Illinois are required to have a Bachelor’s degree at minimum. However, with the No Child Left Behind mandates, Illinois is prepared to pay teachers that receive higher education degrees a greater yearly salary. Meeting these high classroom standards is the backbone to the education system.

State Comparison:

If you check out this link, you can see how teacher salaries in Illinois compare to other states:


While Illinois is not top of the list in teacher salary compensations, they are higher than the national average in pay. Combine the wages, affordable health care choices, and pension initiatives, an individual can live a simple life on this salary alone.

No one can argue that Illinois and all of America needs more individuals that are passionate about teaching the next generation.


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