Like in NBA, the Super Bowl championship award rings to the winning team of the season. It is a tradition that has been passed on since the beginning of Super Bowl. The ring serves as the reward of winning team’s players and coach since there is only one trophy awarded to the team. Each Super Bowl ring is valuable. It cost up to $40,000 depending on the design of the ring. Most of all, it is the iconic symbol of victory of any winning team.

One of the professional American Football team that received these rings is San Francisco 49ers. This team has won 19 Division Championships, 6 Conference Championships, and 5 Super Bowl Championships. The season which 49ers won the cup was back in Super Bowl XVI (1981), XIX (1984), XXIII (1988) XXIV (1989) and XXIX (1994).

If you are one of the 49ers fans, you probably have at least two or more mementos of your favorite team. But do already have one of their Super Bowl ring replica in your collections?

You can find San Francisco Super Bowl replica rings at online stores like Big Game Rings.

The Big Game Rings has a wide selection of Super Bowl replica rings of various professional American Football team. One of their collections is the 5 Super Bowl rings of San Francisco 49ers.

The collection of Big Game Rings is perfect for a 49ers fan. You can find replica rings from all of their wins in the Super Bowl. Moreover, you can purchase these items as a gift box set. If you buy these rings in a complete set, you can save more money compared to single purchases.

Here are samples of the 49ers Super Bowl replica rings at Big Game Rings.

#1 Super Bowl XXIX

The 49ers 1994-1995 Super Bowl replica ring features a silver themed design. The ring has the words ‘Forty-Niners’ across the top and bottom of the ring. The center face of the ring is encrusted with cubic zirconia crystals that look stunning and resembles like diamonds. The Five Super Bowl trophies on the ring are represented by larger faux diamonds that run along the center of the ring. The year 1994 is separated in four corners wherein each number is on a corner.

#2 Super Bowl XXIV

The ring comes in an elegant wooden gift box which is a perfect present for any 49ers fan. The ring band is in gold color. The team’s name is located across the sides. The center of the ring features football-shaped faux diamonds with smaller crystals filling it.

#3 Super Bowl XXIII

The face of the ring features ‘San Francisco, World Champions’ on the top and bottom in raised gold lettering. A large oval is on the center of the ring wherein the outer edge is lined with cubic zirconia crystals. There are also three super bowl trophies in faux diamond placed on a black gloss inlay.

Do you want your own collection of 49ers Super Bowl replica rings?

Find out how to get these items by visiting Big Game Rings.


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