The Healing Choices

The Healing Choices

There are so many choices when it comes to nursing professions. You have the ability to choose from everything from dialysis nurse to occupational health nurse. Some nursing positions require you to be on your feet constantly while others allow you more time for desk work. Regardless of the type of nursing you plan on doing, they are all equally important. Choosing the right career can be challenging but you can never go wrong in the nursing profession. Learn more about two different type of nursing careers and how they may be the best option for you.

What does a dialysis nurse do?

Dialysis nurses, also called renal or nephrology nurses, focus on conditions of the kidney. When the kidneys fail, toxins build up in the body that must be regularly removed. In addition, the balance of fluid and electrolytes in the body is altered. Dialysis imitates the primary functions of the kidney and is a life-saving process for individuals in acute or chronic kidney failure.

Registered nurses direct the care available in freestanding or hospital-based dialysis units. They provide individualized care to the renal patients and ensure that dialysis equipment is working properly. The dialysis team may also include technicians who manage machine operation. In general, the basic duties of a dialysis nurse are to consult with doctors regarding a patient’s overall treatment plan and to alert doctors to any changes in a patient’s condition.

Because dialysis purifies the blood of toxins and balances body fluid make-up, dialysis nurses must interpret blood lab values, which reflect the impact of treatment. The treatment goal is to bring each patient’s blood values as close to normal as possible.

What does an occupational health nurse do?

Occupational health nurses work in a variety of settings mainly industry, health services, commerce and education. They can be employed as independent practitioners or as part of an occupational health service team, often attached to a personnel or HR department.

Occupational health nurses are considered to be leaders in public health in the workplace setting. The occupational health nurse role includes:

  • the prevention of health problems, promotion of healthy living and working conditions
  • understanding the effects of work on health and health at work
  • basic first aid and health screening
  • workforce and workplace monitoring and health need assessment
  • health promotion
  • education and training
  • counselling and support
  • Risk assessment and risk management.


No matter what type of nurse you choose to be you are playing a very important role in the world today. Having the gift to help and heal others is unlike any other gift in the world. Make sure you do plenty of research before choosing the right field for you. There are a lot of them out there!

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