The Joy Of Having A Smart & Healthy Dog!

healthy dogOne of the best thing about being a dog owner is the pride you have in your dog. When I take my dog out I can stand tall and proud knowing that my dog is healthy, smart, and well maintained. Other dog owners I see probably can’t say the same about their dog’s, but make sure you are one that can. Having a healthy dog is crucial to maintaining a strong bond with him. If you let your dog become unhealthy, he could develop various health problems that can not only affect your relationship with him, but can also lead to an unfortunately early death. By having a healthy dog you can prolong his life for as long as possible; this will give you more and more opportunities to stand tall and proud before your dog knowing you have done everything you can to make his life wonderful.

It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have, or if you have the smartest dog in the world, you need to take care of it. Even if you have a pug – a dog notorious for being slow, easily obese, and not having a lot of energy – you can still give him the lifestyle needed to be healthy. Border Collie’s are known to be one of the, if not the, smartest dog breeds in the world, but this means nothing if you don’t take care of it. This means daily exercise, attention, a healthy diet, and a good living environment where he can thrive. Introducing other social interactions with other dogs is also a recommend tactic to boost your dog’s confidence and also his happiness.

There are some things however that you just can’t away from that can bring your dog down. One of the most uncomfortable things as a dog owner is when your dog gets bad allergies. This makes playing outside very difficult as your dog can stand being outside without having sneezing attacks. You must carefully monitor your dog’s allergies as you do not want to torture him by keeping him outside too long. One tip I use quite often is giving my dog Benadryl. Even though humans use Benadryl for allergies, bug bites, and stings, dogs can use it to as it is one of the few prescription drugs dogs can use. This should help with his allergies and you give you enough time to play outside without feeling bogged down.


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