professor-online-colleges-in-ohio1College professors have major freedom in their jobs, they are able to pursue their subject interest and get paid very well at the same time. Being a professor puts you in an excellent position to get work published and be involved in research developments. It allows you to share your knowledge with like-minded individuals and is considered a very respectable profession to pursue.

With that being said it is also important to explore the negative aspects of being a college professor. Being a college professor can be very stressful, you will be constantly evaluated on your performance, be expected to always be ahead in the field you are studying and competing with new and upcoming graduates who would really like your position. You will also find that 60 hour weeks are the norm, which can lead to early burn-out.

As research universities are dependent on federal research funding you will find yourself in the constant position of pursuing grants to cover your research costs, these costs may also cut into your annual salary. Salary usually covers you for 9 months, but there is an expectation that you will work for 12 months to keep ahead of the competition.

If you are not successful in gaining funding for your project, you could see your project close immediately, so there is a massive onus on the professor to keep funding going. Unfortunately there has been a massive cut in funding opportunities available and many researchers have had to give up their laboratory space preventing further work from going ahead.

To cover for education funding cuts, many Universities are not offering as many tenured professor positions, relying instead on adjunct professors instead. Adjunct professors do not have the same degree of job security as tenured professors and do not get the same type of job benefits. This means that adjunct professors are cheaper for universities to hire. Adjunct professors who are seen as unproductive are more easily fired by the university, which means the professor is constantly under stress to provide results. This can be a constant source of worry to professors, pushing them to work harder and longer hours.

A less stressful alternative to being a college professor, yet still educating the youth of tomorrow, is here.


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