Working as an accountant can mean that you are in the top 10% of high earners. The higher qualified you are and your level of experience will be reflected in your salary.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics forecasts a rise of 22% in the accountancy sector, which is good news for anyone contemplating a career in accountancy and means that there will be plenty of opportunities for new graduates.

To work as an accountant you need to obtain a bachelors degree in accountancy which can take three to four years.  The good news is that even entry level accountants can secure a good salary. Gaining extra certification or licenses can see your income quadruple and offer you even more job security.

There are four main areas in which accountants find employment: Government accounting, Public accounting, Management accounting and internal auditing. Accountancy skills can also open doors into other careers such as tax examiner, financial adviser, lecturing and criminal investigator.

Within the accountancy field, Certified Public Accountants (CPA) can command one of the highest salaries within this sector earning within the region of $110,000, so gaining a CPA license is definitely something to think about. There is also a host of additional benefits to consider such as life insurance, health insurance, paid holiday leave, paid sick leave and further education and training.

There is a lot of exciting possibilities available once you have your accounting degree with scope to specialize in particular fields.

You could become an International accountant with average earnings around the $49,000 mark. This career offers international travel as part of your job. A flair for languages will give you an advantage to get ahead in this sector, whilst a love for learning about new places and there laws and regulations is part and parcel of this job.

Forensic accountants or Criminal Investigation Special agents are involved in criminal investigations exposing white collar crime or helping to bring down criminal organisations. You will work closely with law agencies to investigate fraud and expose where criminal assets have come from. This can involve meticulous detective work with a fine eye for detail.

You may be required to testify in criminal trials. This career can command within the region of $48,000. To get ahead in this field extra certification would be required such as a CPA license.

Comptrollers or Chief Financial Officer can orchestrate government or large organizations budgets. As chief accountant they are the ones in charge of financial decisions. Earnings range from $46,000


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