The Types of Whole House Humidifiers

A house humidifier will work well to basically maintain the levels of humid in the atmosphere inside your home. They are based on the difference in how they pump moist in to the duct system. The main objective is to maintain the level of humidity inside your house in an automated way.

How are they categorized?

Drum type humidifier

This type comprises of a belt made of fabric that taps water as it rotates over a water reservoir that is inside drum. Air is blown by the HVAC system that passes over the drum carrying evaporated water in your home for humidity control.

 This drum humidifier is the easiest to install and the cheapest. They can be installed without professional service in a DIY way. To ensure no mold and bacteria growth inside it requires you to properly clean it and a maintenance service.

Flow through humidifies

It is a bypass humidifier that is among the commonly known for easier installation to your supply water line for efficient humidification.  It has air from the furnace blows in the dripped filter pad picking up moisture that is forced to deliver in to your home.

It works by evaporating water just like the drum humidifier. It has a low maintenance cost but it needs cleaning to remove dust and dirt that can be clogged in the filter pads. There is no stagnant of water leading to low chances of molds and bacteria formation.

Fan powered type of humidifiers

It works by evaporating the water with a fan that blows air in to the internal panel. This increases the evaporation and reduces energy consumption of electricity. You will find it to be space economical and the best for homes built on the slabs.

Steam humidifiers

It uses warm mist to add humidity in to your home. Water and electricity works together to bring a steam at atmospheric pressure. This warm mist is pushed to your ductwork in form of mist. The HVAC should be switched on for this process to work efficiently.

You need to install the steam humidifiers for your entire home.  It works fast in creating and maintaining the required levels of humid in your home. It is an affordable method the only thing you need to do is inspecting it regularly and a timely servicing if it needs it. This avoids the growth of mold which is risky.

Evaporative humidifiers

It works by passing warm air through an evaporator pad that saturates with water. As warm water passes the pad it absorbs water and it gets moistened. The moisture air is passed throughout the home with a powerful humidifier. They are replaced once a year depending on the usage. It uses a lot of water with low electricity consumption.


 To purchase one of the humidifier for your home, consider the space you have, the budget and the specific requirement to get the best that is suitable for your living. It can be real headache to select a good whole home humidifier. Purchasing the one that gives you desired results is always the best for you.


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