Picture1The University of Southern California is ranked as one of the best online schools in the country. It is possible to undertake single programs or a full degree program online. This allows students more flexibility in their learning, prevents unnecessary travelling and instils student self-learning and motivation techniques. Online students will have their own mentor throughout the course. It is possible to do courses which will fulfil professional development requirements; extra certification can also initiate a pay increase.

It is possible to earn 3 semester credits over a period of 3 weeks and there is a huge range of courses available to study. It is also possible to obtain a complete degree online, perfect if you are hoping for a career change but still need to work in the meantime. Being an online student does not bar you from extracurricular activities that go on at the University; you will have access to all the campus facilities and can enjoy full USC student status.

It takes 12 months to complete the teacher training course, which prepares you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to work in a classroom setting. It is also possible to top up to master level. The Master degree courses available include; Master of Arts in Teaching English to speakers of other languages, Master of Arts in Teaching with teaching credential and Master of Arts in Teaching with a gifted certificate.

The program offers aspiring teachers preparation for a career in education. The online learning experience blends online classes with self-paced coursework. Scheduled class sessions allow you to interact in a face-to face learning environment. The ratio of students to facilitator is roughly 15:1. It allows access to online groups to facilitate discussions and means that you have an up to date profile of your work.

The main beauty of online learning is the flexibility it offers. Online portals are available and you can access online platforms from your computer, ipad and iphone. This means you can study anywhere you like. Gaining an online certificate illustrates to employers that you are self-motivated and work well to deadlines.


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