One of the most important things that you need to have at home is a toilet. You cannot have a house without one in your bathroom. And it is important to choose the best one to provide you with the comfort you need when you’re doing your business. Aside from that, there are other factors you would need to consider when choosing the best toilet that would go in your bathroom. Here are some of them.




Size does matter when it comes to getting a toilet for your bathroom. When purchasing one, you need to consider the space where it would be placed. You will also need to keep in mind the ages and the body physique of the people who are going to use it. The size of your toilet would be the factor that would determine the comfort of the users. Some people find the best elongated toilet seat as the most comfortable. However, they can be costlier than the round ones. The height of the seat is important, especially if there are very tall people in the house or children. A lot of people these days go for taller toilets as they can be used by various people. You can just add a stool or a movable and adjustable elevation for kids.




You can choose from two-piece toilets, one-piece toilet bowls, and wall mount toilets. Two-piece toilets are the standard and the most affordable. However, more and more homeowners are now purchasing one-piece toilet bowls because they are easier to clean. It is also easy to clean wall mounts and they would add beauty to the bathroom. But, they are more expensive because of the complex installation they require.




A toilet that efficiently flushes all the dirt down the drain is a must. Old toilets would require a lot of water before it flushes. Newer models of toilets are more efficient as they are designed to conserve water. The process of flushing toilets can vary and their costs would depend on the kind of technology used. Make sure to choose low-flow toilets to prevent you from wasting too much water.




Bidets are becoming more and more popular these days, even to homeowners. Bidets are fixtures that resemble toilet bowls but are only used for washing or hygiene. You can choose to get a separate bidet if you have a lot of space in your bathroom. Or, you can opt for seats that have bidet functions in them. Some bidets are also made especially for those who have children who are learning to use the toilet and those who have difficulties in cleaning themselves after. Modern bidets are also cost-efficient and are designed to conserve water.


Other features


There are some other add-ons that toilets can have such as a cushion for the seats, closing options for the lids, heaters, and so much more. Although they are not as necessary as the others above, you might want to choose them to make your toilet experience even better.


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