Today, kids are more inclined to stay at home glued to their gadgets, playing mobile games, and surfing the internet. Children are less likely to go outdoors and have fun with other kids. As a result, the body lacks exercise, which can lead to various health issues.

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One way to attract the interest of your kids is to get e-scooters. It will immediately get their attention since electric scooters are quite the hype for the past year. They probably had seen their favorite celebrities using one, which will increase their curiosity about the ride.

Electric scooters (e-scooter) are a good recreational outdoor activity. It is fun and exciting. But most importantly, it is a healthy exercise that your kid badly needs. According to studies, riding e-scooters enhances motor skills and balance. Moreover, it burns calories similar to walking. If your kids hate exercising, this could be a fun way to change it.

How to Pick the Right E-scooter for Kids

Not all e-scooters in the market are ideal for kids. Some features designs suitable for adults. What you have to do is look into the children’s section of e-scooters. After doing so, remember the following tips below.

       #1 Physical Ability and Age

Physical ability is as essential as a child’s age when choosing e-scooters. Some children at the age of three can already ride a scooter, whereas some aged four to five have difficulty managing the micro vehicle.

Hence, it is important to consider the age and physical ability of your child. Make sure to choose an e-scooter suitable for your kid’s age. If your child is physically developed, you can select more advanced models.

You can check out this to find out examples of top-seller e-scooters for kids.

       #2 Number of Wheels

Manufacturers suggest that beginners, especially kids, must buy a three-wheeled scooter. The extra wheel supports balance and stability to the rider. If the person is an intermediate or advanced rider, two-wheeled e-scooters will work just fine.

       #3 Weight Capacity

Handpicking scooters that have a weight capacity higher than your child can lead to an accident. Similar goes when you choose an e-scooter that has less weight capacity compared to your kid.

It is important to consider the weight capacity and age limitation of the e-scooter. Make sure to find one that has a weight capacity suitable for your kid and his age.

       #4 Safety Features

Always pick an e-scooter with safety features, such as a strong brake and LEDs. Also, consider choosing one that is guaranteed high-quality and tested.

       #5 Safety Gear

Picking an e-scooter with safety features is not enough to keep your kids safe. For complete protection, make sure that your child wears protective gear, such as knee and elbow pads, and a helmet.

Wearing protective gear reduces the risk of grave injuries when in an accident. Moreover, it ensures your child’s safety, especially when riding on the road.


The perfect e-scooter for kids has safety features and meets the above requirements. If not, look for other alternatives that won’t forsake your child’s safety.

Do you want to find out additional details about e-scooters? Check it out on this source.


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