The Suicide Squad has the most interesting characters, especially Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn is one of the most popular cosplay characters. There’s something sexy in the twisted and dark romantic interest of Dr. Harleen Quinzel who is the former self of Joker. Her character has become more famous for the portrayal of Margot Robbie. It is one of the reasons why there are hundreds of Marvel fanatics particularly women who wish to live as Harley Quinn even for a short span of time. Dressing up as Harley Quinn turned out a huge sensation in the cosplay scene.

There are countless of ladies posting themselves on online networking sites showing off their own version of the mysterious and infamous Harley Quinn. However, cosplaying the character of Harley Quinn is never easy. Only a few can dress and carry her character successfully. So, are you planning to cosplay the character of Harley Quinn and become the next star on Gogo Cosplay? If you do here are some tips on how to get theĀ best Harley Quinn cosplay.

The Get Up

Harley Quinn is recognized for her sexy outfit of cut-off red shirt, shorts, and choker ensemble. It is easy to find and follow the style of her character. You don’t have to spend a lot of money purchase a Harley Quinn costume. As a matter of fact, you might find everything you need inside your closet. Now, when dressing up as Harley Quinn you have to follow her character get up, though you could do some alterations such as wearing a jacket over the cut-off fitting red shirt. But always remember to stick with her character’s costume colors.

The Hair

The character of Harley Quinn has a blond to silver blond hair with a splash of blue and pink colors. She always wears it in pigtails with the contrasting bright colors showing off in her hair. Also, left some hair on the side of your face to complete the hairstyle of Harley Quinn. Some cosplayers go all out in styling their hair. If your hair is naturally a blonde, it is enough. But if you want it looking towards platinum blond, you can dye your hair. For those who are a bit wary of using hair dyes, there are online stores and cosplay shops that sells wig that looks so much like Harley Quinn’s blond head that you can use. The Act Portraying the character of Harley Quinn requires confidence, sexiness, and playfulness.

You have to act as if you are her. Learn to exude an air of wickedness that is enticing and mysterious to the audiences. Just remember not to feel too self-conscious when you act as Harley Quinn. Once you completed your Harley Quinn cosplay get up, take a picture and let Gogo Cosplay be the judge. The Gogo Cosplay now showcases Harley Quinn cosplays. You can give them your own character cosplay or you can vote who you think plays best as Harley Quinn. For more guidance, on how to become a true member of the Suicide Squad, get more details here at Gogo Cosplay.



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