Tips On The All In One Aquarium

Placing an aquarium is a beautiful addition to your home and much more. Apart from being relaxing to look at, the colorful fish in the vibrant underwater roots life inside. They can serve as education tools for children. However, having so many wonderful things, an aquarium has a flaw too which involves the elements and miniature ecosystem that have to work and stay in balance. Failure to this, fish tend to get sick and eventually die. If you are a beginner in fish keeping, you may find this overwhelming as you will be required to figure out the size of aquarium to go for, the type of fish to put in it, type of filters to use and amount of water to be used. Maintaining a healthy aquarium involves a lot of hard work and getting all in one aquarium can ease your guesswork. All in one aquarium are kits providing all the needed tools to set up and have your aquarium running. The tank and stand are designed to make it easy to use. Either way, following your needs and desires for an aquarium will determine if these all in one aquarium kits can suit your needs.


Pros of all-in-one aquariums

  1. They are easy to set up and keep it running more so for fish keepers who are beginners. They also come with instructions detailed on what and what not to do.
  2. These all-in-one aquarium kits comes with all essentials needed which is properly placed to suit the size of the fish tank.
  3. Most of these tanks are technically designed to enable easy maintenance thus leaving you with less work to handle.
  4. Despite having a simple design, they appear attractive as they are normally designed for aesthetics.
  5. Alternatively, it can be cheaper to purchase a single all-in-one aquarium comparing to the price that may be used to purchase single equipment to come up with a choice of your own aquarium.

Cons for all-in-one aquariums

  1. During purchase of these tanks, you have no option of choosing your own desired equipment and you cannot count on the manufacturer to include the best ones for your tank.
  2. As much as they are mostly advertised as easy plug and play, owning one still requires you to know the basics on setting up and maintaining it for yourself.
  3. When you later choose to expand or make changes to your tank, you may not be in a position to handle it easily especially for major things like filtration or lighting.
  4. Buying an aquarium is not considerably less expensive comparing to buying the needed equipment separately.

My take

Well, when purchasing all-in-one tanks, it is better to note that some of them are not worth the cost. Once you get one for yourself, maintaining is just like the normal tanks. Despite the fact that, they are designed for easy maintenance, you may still need to perform the weekly or monthly water changing routine.


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