As a new driver, it is very important to have a few tools in the car all the time. You never know what can happen and instead of paying a lot of money on a towing service, there are things which you can solve by yourself on the side of the road to at least drive safely till the first specialized car shop. For example, there will be plenty of situations in which you will observe that you don’t have enough air pressure in the tires. Driving like that for long distances is not safe because the steering movements will not be 100% accurate; however, you can put some air pressure in the tires and drive to the first gas station or to the first shop where you can find an inflator which also shows the correct air pressure. Why is it so important to drive with the right, recommended air pressure in the tires? It is very easy: the tires roll over the road, creating friction. If the friction is very high, then the movement of the car will be inefficient. When the car tires roll with the right air pressure, this is the moment when they move over the ground at the greatest efficiency. Do you now understand why it is so important to correctly and regularly monitor the air pressure in the tires? If you do, then here are a few tools which you can use in order to find out how much air pressure there is in your car’s tires. If you don’t know what tool is used to measure air pressure, please check out the list below.

1. An inflator found at a gas station. Most gas stations will have a professional inflator at your disposal, a tool which is usually available free of charge. If you don’t know how to use the inflator or a gas station compressor, there surely is an employee who can help.

2. Phone applications. If you are a technology geek then it is a good idea to download and install a special phone application which shows how much air pressure you have in the tires. Once you install the application, take a picture of the tire and upload it into the application. The app will then compare the picture with other pictures already available in the database with tires at various levels of pressure. It is not going to be 100% accurate but at least you will make an idea about how serious the situation is.

3. A tire pressure gauge. This is a dedicated tool for measuring air pressure. It is not very expensive and it is especially designed for such a task so you will find it easy to use. However, there is a downside to it: since it is designed to measure air pressure in the tires, this is its only purpose and the only way in which you can use it.

Any of the tools mentioned above will help you establish whether or not the air pressure in your car’s tires make the car safe for use.


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