tricks-for-catching-bassTraditionally, people used to fish so as to get food. Fish is an important source of protein and constitutes a major diet especially to communities who live near water bodies such as lakes, sea and oceans. These people use various techniques to catch fish in shore and offshore.

There have been advancements in technology that have changed the ways mankind has fished. One of the major developments has been the use of modern water vessels such as kayaks for fishing.

Kayaks have been widely used for fishing since they can access areas where most of other vessels cannot. Kayaks unlike motorized boats are powered by human effort hence they don’t scare away fish from their natural environment due to unnatural noises.  Among the different type of kayaks used for fishing, sit on top kayaks such as inflatable kayaks are often used by anglers.

Inflatable kayaks are extremely stable and they offer stable fishing vessels when fishing lakes, ponds, seas and oceans and in white waters. These kayaks are easily portable and offer a lot of storage room for fishing gear and other personal effects. Sit on top kayaks are also considered very stable and therefore best suited for novice and skilled anglers. These kayaks can be customized with extra accessories to provide a better vessel for the anglers.

Both skilled and non skilled anglers use these kayaks to catch various fish species. Though there are several types of fish that one can catch in different environments, majority of anglers go for the bass. Bass are fresh water fish found mainly in lakes, rivers and streams across North America. Bass are known for their aggressiveness in attacking the bait. Their aggressive attacks on the hook and the thrilling fights make it fun to catch bass.

One can catch bass at any time of the day but going fishing in the morning is considered the most productive for bass catching. During summer, especially the period between June and September are the hardest times for bass catching. However, anglers combine different fishing techniques to enable them catch bass.

Despite the techniques used for catching bass, the angler must ensure that they have the best bait for bass. Unlike other fish, bass are more sensitive on the type of baits used including their color. The choice for the bait for bass will be determined by factors such as temperature, humidity and the water conditions.

Bass generally will avoid water that is above 80 o F. However, during the morning, bass will move to the shallow end of the water near the shore to feed. This is the time that baitfish is actively moving on the surface of the water hence the bass will be looking to feed on them. Bass take the advantage of low light in the morning to aggressively attack and feed on the bait fish.

Apart from the shallow waters, bass can also be easily located where there are covers over the water. Areas where the water has shades of trees and structures forms good hideouts for the bass. With good bait for bass, an angler can take advantage of the shade to get to the bass.


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