Are you planning to go on camping and use a hammock instead of the usual tent and sleeping bag? Or simply installing one in your backyard where you can spend a few hours of quality “me” time? Whatever the reasons are, you should take note of these following top big mistakes that people would often make when hanging hammock outdoors:

Mistake #1: Hanging the hammock too high

One of the common mistakes when hanging a hammock is placing it too high from the ground. It is recommended to hang the hammock not above 2 feet from the ground. This is to avoid injuries whenever accidents happen such as falling off from the hammock.

Even though there are hammocks that can be hanged higher than the usual and there are instances that hanging the hammock higher than the recommended height becomes necessary when camping, it is still smart to place the hammock at an ideal landscape and should not be hanged too high from the ground.

 Mistake #2: Wrong terrain

There are possible dangers of hanging a hammock above a wrong terrain; for instance:

  • Rocky ground – Falling on a rocky ground may lead to slight to severe injury, especially when the hammock is placed 2 feet above the ground.
  • Inclined terrain or an area with the sloping landscape – It is not advised to place the hammock at a sloping terrain, this is because there are higher chances of falling out of the hammock if it is hanged at an inclined area.
  • Wet ground or a swampy ground - Accidentally falling off from the hammock and into the wet or swampy ground is not the pleasant thing that can happen to anyone.

If you want to enjoy your time on the hammock most comfortably and safely, you should look for a place with soft and flat ground. Also, when hanging your hammock outdoors and on trees, you should follow this step by step guide.

Mistake #3: Buying the wrong hammock

Hanging the hammock at an ideal spot should not only be your concern but also buying the right outdoor hammock for a specific use. Unfortunately, not everyone finds any difference between hammocks.

If you are new to using a hammock, you should consider buying the right one according to its use. Here are a few different types of hammock that you should know:

  • Rope hammocks – These are the light-weaved rope that is made out of cotton or polyester and designed for hot and warm weather. This type of hammock is ideal for backyard placement where you can secure it on trees or a sturdy hammock stand.
  • Fabric hammocks – Fabric-made-hammocks are ideal for the colder season. These are durable and designed in patterns. This hammock is also ideal for backyard or home use.
  • Camping hammocks – These types of hammocks are usually lightweight and patterned with hammock tarp.

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If you want to feel comfortable using a hammock, either at home or out camping, you should know how and where to hang the hammock. Also, make sure to use the right hammock and not just any random out in the market.

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