Guinea pig cages shouldn’t be small; in fact, it shouldn’t feel like a cage at all for guinea pigs, but a home.

If you are planning to purchase a guinea pig cage and if it is your first time to purchase one, here are the top factors to consider when purchasing a nice home for guinea pig:


#1: Choose a bigger guinea pig cage

If you are buying a cage for your pet, make sure that it has room to roam around, a space to eat and drink, and a space to rest; that also goes for guinea pig cages.

Guinea pigs are larger than their relatives (rodents that are kept as pets) such as hamsters and gerbils; thus, it requires bigger room for them to do exercise, to play, and to relax. When you start to plan which size of the cage you should purchase something bigger; here is what we think are the top guinea pig cages with the right sizes. Also, here is a guide on how to choose the right size for a guinea pig cage:

  • If you have one guinea pig, you should look for a cage with a minimum size of 7.5 square feet cage, but preferably 30 in x 36 in wider is better.
  • If you have two guinea pigs, it is okay to purchase a 7.5 sq ft cage, but it is better to choose a 10.5 square-feet cage or a 30” x 50” cage.
  • If you have three guinea pigs, 10.5 sq ft cage is acceptable; however, with bigger guinea pig family, you should go for a guinea pig with 13 square feet or a 30” x 62” cage.
  • If you have four guinea pigs, a 13-square-feet cage is good enough; however, guinea pigs can grow a little bigger, so choose a cage with 30”x76” cage.

Also, here is a quick fact, guinea pigs may be sociable to other guinea pigs, but the fluffy animal needs at least 7-square-feet of floor space to become healthy and happy. In other words, the bigger the family of guinea pigs you have, the bigger and wider the guinea pig cage you should choose.

#2: Safe and comfortable

Another important factor that you should consider when purchasing a guinea pig cage, is thinking about how safe the cage is for them. Make sure to purchase a cage that is well-made and well-constructed. Make sure that there are no loose wires or metals.

Additionally, when you choose a guinea pig pen, make sure that it has enough space where the basic commodities are placed; for instance:

  • It should have enough space for the bedding, which is 2-3 inches tall of bedding – enough for them to burrow and get comfortable into the bedding.
  • It should have enough space for water containers – sipper bottles are preferable.
  • It should have enough space for food containers. Also, do not design the pen with its food containers near its bathroom area for sanitary purposes.

Guinea pigs are fun to take care of, just like the other pets. However, unlike other domestic animals, guinea pigs and their relatives are kept in a cage. So, to make them feel comfortable and at home, look for a cage that they won’t feel like it is a cage.


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