Types of Cardio Equipment

Aerobic exercise can be a very good option if you cannot manage doing workouts that involve lifting of heavy weights. It is important note that there are various equipment which are used for the cardio exercises. You should do some research so that you know the one that is right for your needs.  Here is a list of some of the cardio equipment that you can choose from;


This is the most popular fitness equipment that people use. You can install it in your home gym because it does not occupy much space. You probably know that a treadmill provides a way to exercise by running without actually going outdoors. Most of the modern treadmills are designed with features that are powered by electricity. It is only the curve treadmill which can work without the use of electricity.


Ellipticals are designed with technology that will enable you to mimic various activities such as walking, climbing or running in a circular motion. This cardio equipment is very essential for people that want to lose weight because it allows you to exercise both the upper and lower parts of the body simultaneously. It is advisable that you get some professional guidance in pickting the best elliptical for small spaces

Spinning bikes

This type of cardio equipment has components that do not require electricity for them to run. It normally uses the friction that is produced when the equipment is being used. You should note that most of the modern spinning cycles are now using a new technology known as magnetic resistance. It reduces the amount of tear and wear that affects your bike when it is being used.

Rowing machines

These machines are designed with features that will stimulate a feeling of rowing a boat on water when using it. You will find this equipment in various sporting institutions such as stadiums and boxing gyms. When using a rowing machine, you get more resistance as you row harder and therefore your body enjoys the benefits of full-body workouts. Most fitness experts advise that you use the manual resistance setting on the rowing machine so that you get the maximum results when exercising.

Exercise bikes

Just like treadmills, exercise bikes are also very common in fitness gyms. It is important to note that the exercise bikes are designed with components that do not occupy a lot of space. They are therefore suitable for use in homes gyms.  There are bikes which have features that can produce electricity when being used. These kinds of bikes are very beneficial in areas that have intense power issues. You should note that a bike that produce its own electricity will last longer than the one which is powered by an external electricity source.

Assault air bike

This equipment allows the user to perform both high intensity trainings and exercises which will enhance more endurance. The seriousness of the exercises carried out on this equipment is usually not for the faint-hearted. You will be required to have more commitment and resilience for you to get better results with equipment.


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