The world is full of crazy employment opportunities and ways to change your life. You don’t even need to look too far to find somebody that does a unique, or unconventional job – from joining the navy, to working on an Alaskan crab boat, to doing crime scene clean-up – the opportunities are virtually limitless. Trying to figure out how these people got into that line of work is a bit of a game in itself, but even more interesting is looking at the unconventional scholarships you can use to work your way into an unconventional education/career.

Scholarships don’t just cover “normal” jobs, you can pick up a Scholarship in just about anything these days. Here are some unconventional, or strange, scholarships that you can apply for.

Here are just some of the most unlikely scholarships that we have come across:

1. Tall Clubs International Scholarship

That’s right –the Tall Clubs International Scholarship has a scholarship for tall people. That is one of the few criteria – as long as you meet a target height (5”8 female, 6”2 male) and you are under 21 and are starting further education in the Fall, then you are capable of applying for this scholarship. Based around basically nothing other than your height, this unique opportunity is a great way to get some free assistance purely because of your height!

2. Caddie Scholarship

If you enjoy the game of golf more than your average fan, then this could be one for you. As long as you have two years’ experience as a golf caddie, you are eligible to apply for the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship. With over 9,000 graduates, this is a much more successful venture than you might think! If you don’t mind contributing to the success of other golfers rather than try it yourself, this is the ideal place to get that assistance.

3. Three Sentence Essays

When applying for a scholarship, it is quite common to have to give an essay alongside to state your case why you should be chosen. This can be difficult and not everybody is great at writing, reducing their chances of getting accepted. However, the Three Sentence Essay Contest changes all of this – you need to provide an answer to a given question in just three sentences. This cuts out the difficulty of writing a long essay, and the winner can be offered a $1,000 scholarship – awesome, right?

If you have been looking for something to do as a Scholarship, then perhaps it is time to think outside the box. Many of these will help you get a more specialized and potentially engaging or fun career path planned out, and could be the difference between something you actually love or drudging along in a job you hate.


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