These days, people are finding different ways to save money on home improvements. Buying new items or having rooms reconstructed can be very expensive and time-consuming. One of the easiest ways to find a solution to is in soundproofing. Homeowners are now using more available and affordable materials to effectively make their homes a more peaceful place to live in. They make use of old foams, rugs, and even carpets to block the sound from outside. Another effective way to soundproof a home is to use curtains. Curtains are great absorbers of sounds when chosen and installed well. Here are the things that you need to consider if you are going to purchase a soundproof curtain for your home.

  1. Thickness

The thicker the material, the more effective it is in blocking the noise and the light coming through the windows or doors. Heavy blackout curtains are great for every room and are the most recommended when it comes to absorbing sound. If you cannot find curtains that are thick enough, you might consider choosing layered curtains or curtains with linings. Although these curtains would cost you more than your average curtains, they are still cheaper compared to other soundproofing materials.

  1. Width

Some curtains are cut out to fit exactly the standard size of the window. But, if you want a soundproof curtain, you should get one that is twice or even three times wider than your window. This would allow the curtain to cover a bigger area and absorb more sound. Also, you could crease the curtain to make a thicker effect and doubling the material.

  1. Style

The pleats of some curtains are not only to make them look more beautiful. They are also there to help absorb more sound and block the noise from the outside. They could reflect the sound waves and make the curtain thicker.

  1. Length

Windows and doors can have gaps or cracks around them. Buy a curtain that is a bit longer than the height of your window or door. When you install our curtain, make sure to place it higher than the top of the window and would reach lower than the window seal. It would also be better if the curtain could reach the floor.

  1. Material

Not all kinds of fabric are effective in absorbing and blocking sound. Curtains that are specially made for soundproofing are made of vinyl or fiberglass. These materials are heavy, thick and are often more pricey than regular curtains. For you to find a curtain that would suit your criteria best without having to jump from one store to another, check online and read an honest review of sound proof curtains to know more about them. There are numerous online shops that sell quality soundproof curtains at very affordable prices. You would also be able to find a wider range of choices. But, when you decide to purchase one, you might want to test its effectiveness first to see if it works.



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