Older-DogIf you have an aging dog that is getting up there in his years then you might be pondering the idea of what to do in terms of diet. Your dog may not have the appetite that he used to, but it’s still important to keep with making sure he is getting enough nutrients. A lot of irresponsible dog owners will take the lack of appetite as a form of “I don’t need to eat”, when really it’s “I don’t want to eat”. Nevertheless you need to make sure your dog eats and gets all of his nutrients or you could be seeing your dog’s final days. When your dog is aging, his dietary needs become even more crucial so, as a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to keep up with it.

This can pose as a real problem if you are dealing with a stubborn dog. If your dog isn’t eating his food it means it is time to get creative. This means looking for some different foods to give him that can deliver him a good amount of nutrients. Some foods that a lot of dog owners forget they can go to are fruits and diary products. Fruit, for the most part, is fantastic for your dog; even better yet, they love eating fruit. Strawberries and bananas are my personal favorites to give my dog. However, you do need to make sure your dog doesn’t get in any grapes. Grapes are highly poisonous to dogs.

Diary products too can be a great treat for dog that even the oldest, most stubborn dog won’t be able to refuse. My favorite is ice cream. When you take the family out for ice cream cones, try getting the dog to go with and order him a bowl of ice cream. To combine both diary products and fruit you can try cutting up some bananas and strawberries and putting them in a bowl of ice cream. Another diary product you can try is cheese. Yes, dogs can eat cheese and from what I have seen, they love it. While I will warn you not to give your dog too much cheese or else he could experience some gastrointestinal issues. However, a cube of cheese every now and then can be good for your dog.

If your dog likes it, you can probably get him interested in eating some healthier foods again rather than relying on the same old dog food. It’s important to keep your dog’s diet full of variety or else he may lose his appetite a lot easier.


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