Running clean oil in the pump of your pressure washer is among the best ways to ensure that you prolong the life span and efficiency of your machine.  The pump is the heart of your pressure washer ad it runs at very high temperatures. However, does the oil in your pump really need to be changed? Most pressure washers that go for under $400 have a pump that does not need maintenance. Their pumps are filled with oil during their manufacturing and they are sealed permanently. In other pumps however, the pump oil needs to be changed on a regular basis and you should always ensure you use the right oil for your pressure washer. The oil should always be maintained at the recommended level. To ensure your oiling is right, you should always refer to the manual that always has all the instructions.


Pressure Washer Pump Oil Change

Ensure you consult your manual to know whether and when the pressure washer’s pump oil needs to be changed. During normal service, you need to replace the oil every 200 to 250 hours of functioning. So you need to change the oil of your machine after about every three months if you use it on a regular basis, but if you use it occasionally, then you can change the oil at least once a year. You can schedule changing the oil in the pressure washer’s engine with changing the oil in the pump so that it becomes easy to remember.

Pressure Washer Pump Oil Maintenance

The manual will always tell you whether you need to change the oil in the pressure washer pump regularly or not. it is important to keep up with the maintenance of any machine so that you can extend its life and to ensure that you keep your warranty.

If you need to change the pressure washer pump oil, then here is how you do it.

If your manual instructs you to change the pressure washer pump oil, here is the way to proceed. Remove the pump oil filler cap and the pump oil drain plug.  Then let the oil drain completely from the pump. To collect the drained oil without having a mess, on some models you need to use a funnel or a tubing to guide the drained oil to the drain pan. Replace the drain plug and fill the pump with the suitable pump oil. Use only the quantity that is specified in your pressure washer’s manual. If you’re not sure, use the same amount as the used oil that you have drained. Most pumps have an oil window on the side of the pump that has a red mark that indicates if the oil has reached the right level.

When you notice that your pump oil looks milky, changes color or has visible particles, then it means it is time you run new oil. Always use oil that is recommended for your specific pressure washer because they vary from one model to another. Generally, a good pressure washer pup oil is non-foaming, nom-detergent and it prevents rust. Never be tempted to overfill the pump with new oil, this can lead to leaks.


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