get-paid-to-teach-anything-with-new-online-education-platform-c84d534271The top teacher salary in the country is California, where the average wage is $70,394. It tends to be the case that wealthier schools pay a higher salary than at poor schools with poor students.

The high salary that you could receive in California is in stark contrast to the average starting teacher salary of $39,000. This means that teaching is not a very attractive career choice for graduates, as there are careers which pay out a vastly higher entry level salary. The difficulty with having a low starting salary for teachers is that they are often priced out of accommodation in certain areas.

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A surprisingly large number of teachers, approximately 62%, have to find second jobs to supplement their income. Many teachers report that finances are a constant struggle, especially if they have a family to bring up. Due to this constant financial pressure many teachers are leaving the profession, going for completely different careers with the offer of more pay and less stress. Teachers also complain about the long hours and lack of support they receive.

Some states, such as Texas, are offering various incentives to help right some of these wrongs. If you’re interested in teaching, Texas may be a good place to start.

Class sizes have also increased, adding to the stress felt by teachers, this coupled with the growing emphasis placed on getting top results for students is turning teachers away from teaching. It has been reported that approximately 20% of teachers within urban areas quit their jobs, and by the time teachers have reached their fifth year of teaching almost 46% have left the profession, leading to a high staff turn-over.

This is bad news for students who are losing experienced teachers and may face having a new teacher per academic year, which means that continuity is lost. It is estimated that within the next ten years 3.2 billion teachers will retire and the concern is that these jobs will not be replaced due to lack of graduates coming into the profession.

Due to the high turnover of teachers it is important that we make teaching a more attractive career option for graduates, with better working conditions in order to retain staff. In countries which do well on the standardised tests there is a big difference in how much teachers are paid. For instance South Korea pays teachers 250% more.

Teachers have a lot more support and chances for professional development which results in very few teachers leaving the profession. This means that teachers with more experience and expertise are teaching the children and the teachers are happier in their jobs. This is something definitely worth thinking about.



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