You have missed a beautiful thing to have in your home if you have not heard about the Himalayan salt lamp. With beautiful decorations, this salt lamp can perfectly suit your office desk, your living room, and your kitchen or next to your bed. Alternatively, just any other place within your home, any place of your own desire. The Himalayan salt lamp is like an open window, bringing to your home a quietly glowing source of clean and fresh air. Additionally, its salt crystals possess natural properties that are environmental and health benefits.

Himalayan salt lamp, originating from Himalayan Mountains is mainly rock salt, which is easily separated from other rock salts because of its pink color. Its pink color is due to the availability of iodine and magnesium minerals that form the crystals itself.

Getting Himalayan crystals starts from the Northern parts of Pakistan where it is mined, curved into unique shapes, and then polished to more beautiful and attain better results. They are not just sold because of their unique color; it is demanded majorly because of it’s amazing environmental and health benefits.

Reasons why you need to have this lamp salt in your home

1. Reduce chances of allergy and asthma attack

A Himalayan salt from basic chemistry lesion removes microscopic dust particles; mold, pet dander, and the sort form the airways due to its hygroscopic nature, that is, its ability to absorb moisture from the air. The idea of buying one or two salt lamps and placing in your strategic point of rest within your home can really help. It will purify the airways, and within one to two weeks, you will be able to experience the difference in seeing the symptoms.

2. Is a source of light and is environmentally friendly

Himalayan lamp salt produces very beautiful light. In your room, besides having several health benefits, it is also environmental friendly than the other sources of light. Different salt lamps consume little energy source while others are energized with a candle lit. Therefore, it is a good measure in conserving energy.

3. Brings a better sleep

Exposure to too many positive ions in the air especially in your bedroom will hinder your sound sleep. Himalayan salts lamp being naturally negative is able to neutralize the positively charged ions that reduce the oxygen and the blood supply in the brain. You might be like me, having no better sleep until the room is totally dark, for that instance, you can turn the lamp during the day to do the work and when it is bedtime you can turn it off. It will still work perfectly and help you achieve quality sleep.

4. It Cleanses and freshens the air in the room.

The salt lamp has the power of removing pollen, cigarette smoke, dust and many other air contaminants. How? It is due to its hygroscopic nature making it capable of absorbing molecules that carry the particles from the air into the salt crystal. It then leaves the airflow around in your room move with freshness.

Himalayan lamp salt has a lot to be talked about; you can find these salt lamp reviews to have a more idea on the types and other more reason why it is more beneficial to have the lamp salt in your home.


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