Will Getting A Liberal Arts College Education Help Your Career?It works all the time! Cappuccino has a way of perking you up and stirring your mind to get it focused on what you’d want to do with college and your all-important career.

College today is a very expensive, costly proposition but graduates need to distinctly and positively stand out when facing prospective employers in an extremely competitive job market. One needs a college education.

It is surprising therefore when you read about people having strong opinions on whether or not these future employees really need to get a college education. For instance, Laszlo Bock, who heads the hiring group at Google, in an interview featured in The New York Times , voiced out his philosophy — “Those who choose to attend a university after high school should think long and hard about what they want to do for a living and select his or her major wisely, focusing on skills that will land them a job post graduation.” (Source : The New York Times)

Essentially Bock is suggesting that kids today should choose their academic concentration based on what particular industries or fields are doing most of the hiring rather than where their interest lies. From where he sits the two knowledge sets he’d most probably find important are computer science and computer engineering. But what about the rest of the non-technology industries in the world which are also on the look-out for able and skilled people? Will students who opt for a liberal arts degree be less marketable … less likely to be hired?

Is Shifting From A Technology Course to Liberal Arts Really A Big Mistake?

Referring to a Wall Street Journal article he has read a couple of years back, Bock contends that a college student who had shifted from electrical and computer engineering to a psychology major and was planning to focus on a public relations and human resources career rather than something in the technology field, was making a big mistake. (Source : Wall Street Journal).

You Need To Get Into College. You Need To Get Into A Course You Love

College is great. It allows you to enjoy the experience of being a part of something that is wonderfully promising. It provides the opportunity to meet new people and get into interesting extra curricular activities and a choice to run after an educational course you’re excited about and really interested in. At the end of the day, it’s about pursuing what you love.

As you perhaps land an internship or a job in a TV network, a public relations firm or an advertising agency … as you learn the ropes and appreciate the societal contributions of these particular industries , while you’re enjoying your cup of classic cappuccino, you’ll get to realize pursuing that liberal arts course was the right thing to do after all.

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