I sit here trying to imagine what the world will be like in the next 10 years if the prevailing technology innovations continue at the same rate. Have you given it a thought? Imagine an ancestor who died 50 years ago resurrects, he or she would probably think the earth is heaven or hell or something. The amazing thing in the technology world is the fact that innovations are happening as if to sort out some emergency somewhere, the picture just five years ago and now. Everything is turning smart these days: alarms, cameras, phones, ceiling fans, cameras Wi-Fi enable space heaters, and anything else you can imagine of, it’s probably smart. If more devices such as Alexa and Google assistant are going to be invented, then everything in a home is going to be smart very soon. Most likely, you’re looking for your best options for a Wi-Fi enabled space heater, this article is meant to assist you.

The market isn’t short of affordable and personalized devices for heating your room. I know that making the best selection from the variety is somewhat troublesome, that’s why I am here. Allow me to mention from the onset that space heaters are still in their early stages when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity. However, you will find some brands in the market which are striving to make the experience great. On the other hand, the Dyson Link Purifier is a good option but the price isn’t attractive. There are more options available in the market, but this article focuses on the Wi-Fi enabled space heater. I might not exhaust them all, but below is a glimpse of the options available.

The Mill AB-H1500WF Oil Premium is a modern stylish heater which works in rooms up to 200ft. It is flexible and manages power very well. Another one is the Heat Storm Phoenix. It’s a versatile heater which can be used both in mounting on the wall or space. Also, the Crane Smart Tower Heater is another option. It’s a modern Wi-Fi enabled design which is controlled by its proprietary app and is a ceramic, touch screen, has a child lock and has enhanced oscillation features. That’s not all, we have the Crane Infrared smart HEATER. It’s also Wi-Fi enables but it used infrared heating. There are still more options, Dyson Pure Cool Link Purifier is another one. As its name suggests, it’s a purifier. In addition, it’s both a heater and a cooler or summer. It’s asthma and allergy friendly, good quality, and can be controlled from afar using an app and Wi-Fi. Other options include the Mill Wifi Flat Panel Heater and the Panamalar 500W Electric Portable Heater.

Already, there are many brands and types to choose from and the innovation continues. I don’t know anything about your preferences and needs, all I know for certain that you can get your best options for a Wi-Fi enabled space heater from the options listed above.


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